F8 - Five Finger Death Punch


Five Finger Death Punch

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2020-02-28
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2020 Five Finger Death Punch, under exclusive license to Better Noise Music


Play Title Time Download
F8 1:15  
Inside Out 3:46  
Full Circle 3:22  
Living the Dream 3:34  
A Little Bit Off 3:10  
Bottom of the Top 3:30  
To Be Alone 3:45  
Mother May I (Tic Toc) 3:54  
Darkness Settles In 4:41  
This Is War 3:11  
Leave It All Behind 3:30  
Scar Tissue 2:53  
Brighter Side of Grey 4:29  
Making Monsters (Bonus) 3:03  
Death Punch Therapy (Bonus) 3:08  
Inside out (Radio Edit) [Bonus 4:13  


  • Awesome as always

    By 3 IMD
    My favorite band I listen to them every single day!! On my way to work and when I work out!! Don’t think I have heard a bad song yet!! Can’t wait to see them in May and meet them!! VIP all the way!
  • What was I thinking

    By aditz233
    It’s just another generic bro-metal album that sounds painful to listen to. Bunch of douches.
  • To all these p*ssies...

    By Alex-rulz-ohhhh
    The people commenting all this hate are just people looking for trash rap, annoying EDM, or obnoxious Lizzo music. Go back to your playground scum... because this album is number 1, not done yet. And number 2, it’s already a banger. 🤘🏻Rock Forever🤘🏻
  • so far so good

    By ?$!😂
    the songs that have been released so far are awesome. I like the songs, like the band & like that this album sounds different from the other Five Finger Death Punch albums. i’m a fan of all of the songs by FFDP!
  • Re-hashed Bro-rock

    By Orange Box Nerd
    nothing of substance here on this album, move along
  • FFDP is awsome

    By rwaggs01
    everything they do is awsome. If you like crap bands this one is not for you. These guys rock.
  • A death punch with no fingers

    By Blazing Lucario
    They used to have music with some bite but now it feels like they’ve lost what makes them feels punchy and powerful. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but it feels like they don’t care about their work as much as they used to and feel like the albums they’re making are better than they are or are getting strong armed to make this stuff. I don’t feel like there’s any heart in it anymore.
  • Keeps me going...

    By KnuckleHeadx5
    I’ve been a hardcore fan since the very beginning and there’s really no words to describe just how awesome these guys are. Truly breathtaking. When a song takes you back to a time and place that you were years ago when you first heard it, that is true art. When you feel that same sensation and goosebumps you had before, over and over again, with every replay of a song. That is true art. When you take in a new album and the lyrics harmoniously beat through your veins and remind you that you’re still alive: That. Is true art. As someone who has been suffering from a lifetime of major depression, other various dark ailments, and pure bad luck day in and day out. Five Finger Death Punch is my cure. My fuel. My fire. My blinding beacon of hope and happiness amidst the dreary darkness of every day life. They give people something to look forward to with every song, album, and concert they masterfully orchestrate, leaving us ever so hungry for more. Their music is so powerful that we simply can’t help to forget about our sorrows and everything else going on in that very moment. You simply just relax and briefly enjoy yourself as all your troubles fade away into their intoxicating rhythm. So to all you other loyal Knuckleheads out there: I salute you. You know the definition of a true musical composition when it slaps you in the ear and you’re not afraid to enjoy it when people speak otherwise. And to my heroic saviors, the very beasts of Death Punch themselves: thank you. Thank you for being here and sharing your beautiful gift with the world. You’re talent is so inspiring and pulsing with strength and pride that I can’t help but crack a smile, even on the darkest of days. You’ve given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for in life: You’ve given me a reason to fight. And I can’t thank you enough. Just another fan, -Ivan
  • Tired

    By METAL117
    I will admit I’m a Five finger Death Punch fan, and I love Inside out. Now maybe they may not be the most original band, and some of their music sounds similar, but their musicianship can’t be questioned, Chris, Zoltan and Jason are very talented and sound great together . But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many people hate this band because they give so much to and stand with and honor our veterans. These guys fly in and out of war zones to entertain our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. They don’t do it to sell records. They do it because they care. People can criticize this when they put their money where their mouth is and be there for the active duty and retired military.These people are the best of us. God bless you Ivan, Chris , Zoltan, Jason and Charlie. Bless our veterans and servicemen. And God bless America!
  • Big huge fan

    By Calebeca
    F all you haters. They honor our veterans, and those songs relate to me. I love Five Finger death Punch! I’ve been waiting for this album. Will get it.

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