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VIDEO WAS MADE FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY AND SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT OWNS THE COPYRIGHTS. Chorus: Comin straight off the sidewalks of New York A nigga livin foul (repeat 2X) As I steps inside the playground I lays down my laws at the door and any nigga that's lookin for trouble gotsta face these silver double four's that I be packin on my hip hollow tips inside the clip Ready to rip a niggaz shit and make his wig slip to the side as a homocide's commited I gets rid of niggaz quick cause ain't no bullshit permitted I'm a outlaw, the motherfuckin villain doin killings, I won't stop until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the fuckin ceiling And ain't no drivebys, a mag and a bag lady, disguised and surprise you got a hole between your fuckin eyes Niggaz is grazed, catchin strays from the blaze Amazed by the ways I lays em down when my shit sprays Crazy brains hangin, and niggaz veins are swingin Bangin and gunslingin, even my own fuckin ears are ringin cause what I carry's much bigger than Dirty Harry's Do a Hail Mary, I make Bloody Mary's out of your capillaries Pieces of flesh, hangin off a niggaz chest, cause the vest that he dress, couldn't FUCK with the Smith and Wess' Motherfuckers runnin for miles, bodies stacked up in piles I'm killin executioner style [Chorus] I keeps my forty-five loaded with dum-dums, in rear I hold this right at my waist for just in case somebody gots to get exploded Cause G. Rap ain't that nigga that try to play so nigga lay low or get yourself a pair of wings, a harp, and a halo Clown, keep fuckin around, and you'll be dead G I'm spttin out the lead see, to split your fuckin head like the Red Sea Charged up with anger, six slugs in every chamber Dangerous stranger, with itchy trigger fingers like Lone Ranger I'm comin to split your cabbage like a savage and put two in yo' ass bitch and one inside the wifey and the baby carriage So head for the hills, I kills niggaz for thrills Causin crazy blood spill, when I let one drill in your grill I will pull out the glock to clear the blocky when I cock it Get laid and played out of pocket with a rocket in your eye socket So raise up queers, and say your fuckin prayers I've been killin for years, huntin motherfuckers like reindeers If one nigga's left standin, I'll squeeze the cannon (BOOM) Opened his motherfuckin ass like the Grand Canyon Layin faggot niggaz like towel when I gets wild and fouol I'm killin executioner style [Chorus] I take ten paces, draw my shit, and aim at niggaz faces Leavin no traces so a nigga's BEATIN body cases I'm wettin shit up, you get hit up, by the super soaker Brain after brain, I'm a motherfuckin chain smoker Cause it's the rootin tootin with the six-shooter Put a hole in your trooper so big niggaz can hula hoop ya Liftin them Smith and Wessuns like the westerns I blow out a niggaz intestines, and send him back to the fuckin essence Bullet rows, blows out the nose of my fo'-fo' Gunnin down all you bozos who run and call for po-po Send in paramedics and bring a lot of antisthetics Motherfuckin bodies are beheaded, niggaz are shredded So nigga get ready to meet your fuckin fate, when I send six trey-eight straight into your motherfuckin chest plate G. Rap been murderin niggaz since a child, you can go and check my files I'm killin executioner style [Chorus] From Kool G Rap - 4,5,6 Cold Chillin'/ Epic Street/ SME Records 1995