blink-182 Take Off Your Pants And Jacket full album guitar cover


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hi so my friend Reese dueled over who can cover it faster and i think i won :3 hey you can see my face in there! but check out his cover too he's utterly rad and amazing at bass setlist Anthem - 0:00 Online Songs 3:43 First Date 6:10 Happy Holidays You Bastard 8:58 Story Of A Lonely Girl 9:52 The Rock Show 13:31 Stay Together For The Kids 16:20 Roller Coaster 20:17 Reckless Abandon 23:06 Please Stand By 26:08 Give Me One Good Reason 29:12 Shut Up 32:38 Please Take Me Home 35:59 sorry mic peaked here a lot throughout the intro Don't Tell Me That It's Over 39:06 most girls DO mean trouble :P Time To Break Up 41:39 I do feel bad for most of you guys with chicks like that