APEX2010 MaNg0 (fox) vs. HungryBox (jigglypuff) MM 5


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APEX2010 Aug 6th - 8th Money Match between MaNg0 and Hbox on the last day Note 1: Some matches start late/aren't complete because, being the last day of the APEX2010, my camera's memory was already full. I had to delete stuff as I went along to fit these MMs in so please work with me =D Note 2: See video #3 for the explanation lol Note 3: I don't know the set count for the MMs, I don't know what it was best of either. I just saw them playing and started recording =D I have 7 videos in total out of 8 played games I'm pretty sure. I don't know if all were MMs or if some were friendlies. Someone can confirm for me if they way =D