KCON 2016 NY - MAMAMOO - Full Performance (Fancam)


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MAMAMOO was perfect. (●´ω`●) Once I heard they were one of the artists for KCON I knew I had to go. Honestly they were the biggest reason I ended up going. I have slowly evolved into MAMAMOO trash. ----- TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction Clip/Entrance 1:27 You’re the Best 5:20 Mr. Ambiguous 9:03 Introductions (Speaking) 10:00 Taller Than You 13:08 Piano Man 16:30 Goodbyes (Speaking) 17:41 Um Oh Ah Yeh ----- Feel free to use this video for compilations, gifs, etc. as long as you credit me by either listing my channel or a link to this video. Thanks!