Robyn’s World Tour 2019 Live From Chicago

Helios Hugo Diaz

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Tour promoting her latest album Honey recorded at the Aragon Ballroom during the Chicago stop on March 7, 2019. Robyn is more passionate on stage than ever. She gave us an outstanding performance. Please do not use my footage without permission. SETLIST: 00:40 Send To Robin Immediately 03:11 Honey 07:21 Indestructible 11:46 Ever Again 15:00 Be Mine! 16:39 Between The Lines 21:02 Love Is Free (Featuring MALUCA) 24:22 Dancing On My Own 29:30 Missing U 34:40 Call Your Girlfriend 37:00 With Every Heartbeat 42:01 Human Being Note: these are not all the songs she performed that night. These are only the songs I recorded. Enjoy watching!