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🎳 How To Get a Straighter Arm Swing in Bowling 🎳 Click This Link To Learn More! ➡ https://bowlingballgalaxy.com/learnmore.html How To Get a Straighter Arm Swing and Stop Round Housing Your Shot in Bowling. This is a bowling tip to help you understand and I hope to help you stop round housing your ball. In addition, it could help you straighten out your arm swing. First, if you are not familiar with the term round housing your bowling ball I will try to explain what it is. Round housing is when you go around your body during your pendulum swing, what a person does is they start their push away in the middle of their body and as their arm comes back they tend to go around their body instead of straight back, so this causes them to either pull their shot or miss outside their target. In addition, it makes it hard for them to square up or roll the ball down their intended line. This is because they are circling their body in the arm swing. So then they would release the ball offline as the arms swing is not straight back and straight forward and all the way through to the end of their follow threw. Now, what is recommended as we hope a cure, (note: this will feel funny at first). Instead of starting your ball in the middle of your body at the beginning of your approach, you start your ball in line with your target outside your hip area, this way as you do the push away and the pendulum swing it would then come straight back and straight forward and down your intended line. So again try moving your arm to the outside your body at the start instead of in the middle of your body. This is to help you keep your ball online. In addition, this gives your ball and arm the ability to avoid your hips and should not have to go around them. https://InsiderBowlingTips.com