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Chelo Silva Biography - (1922 - 1988),One of the pioneers of traditional Mexican music, La Reina del Bolero (Queen of the Bolero), as Chelo Silva was known, reigned over the Tejano music scene with her romantic ballads and passionate performances. Silva, the oldest of seven children, was born Consuelo Silva on August 25, 1922, in Brownsville, Texas. She began singing as a teenager at school and in her church. Her talent was evident early on. By her late teens, Silva was singing regularly with a local group, the Tito Crixell Orchestra. By the late 1930s, Silva was already a local celebrity. In 1939, she was asked to sing on a local radio program hosted by the poet, composer, and author Americo Paredes. The appearance gave Silva wider exposure and opened the door for her to begin making money singing radio jingles. It wasn't long before she was performing regularly at Corpus Christi's Continental Club. Silva also later married, and divorced, Paredes. However, Silva struggled before she was able to secure a recording contract. She toiled in regional venues for years before she was noticed. It wasn't until she was thirty that she landed her first record deal with Discos Falcón of McAllen, Texas, where she would go on to record over seventy titles. By 1955, her popularity had eclipsed Discos Falcón, and she sought the attention of larger record labels, subsequently signing with Columbia Records. The move paid off almost immediately as Silva put together an impressive string of hit songs, including Imploración, Esta Sellado, Sabes de Que Tenga Ganas, Soy Bohemia, Inolvidable, and Amor Aventurero.