Sophia Del Carmen - Lipstick (Official Music Video)

RedOne Records

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Sophia Del Carmen - Lipstick (Official Music Video) On itunes : Follow Sophia Del Carmen on Follow RedOne Records on About Sophia Del Carmen Born in Los Angeles to Guatemalan and Costa Rican parents and raised in Miami, Sophia Del Carmen represents the new generation of Latinos. Having been raised bi-culturally and equally comfortable communicating in English and Spanish - and sometimes Spanglish - Sophia is poised to become the new Latin princess, certified and supported by Pitbull aka Mr. Worldwide. Today Sophia is heavily influenced and inspired by the Latin urban scene and American pop culture - leading to a unique style that is true to her roots and uniqueness. Now signed to RedOne Records, Sophia Del Carmen is set to become the next music sensation -- with producer RedOne calling her "The Future Latin Princess, a Star, an Amazing Talent!" Teamed with RedOne, she is proud to present her debut single "Lipstick"! "Lipstick" is fun and flirtatious... some would even say a bit risky. This song fuses my Latin roots with what's happening now in pop music perfectly. I live for the part that goes, "No hay nada mas rico que el bon bon latino". It's true!! Everyone knows that Latin women are the most beautiful in the world!" [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]