DRUGS & DEMONS: The Video Every Addict MUST WATCH!!!

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If you know anyone struggling with an addiction - be it drugs, pornography or alcohol - please SHARE this video with them... Reason withered. Intelligence waned. Reality morphed into deluded fantasy. Each foray deeper into cocaine came with even deadlier consequences. Thoriso's addiction reached a devilish crescendo when the wild drug-induced hallucinations became so vivid they threatened his sanity. The young South African had 'everything' on the outside - connections, money, girls - but he was a writhing wreck within. The whisper of suicide grew louder at every intoxicating whiff... Here is the remarkable journey of a drug-addict who finally found a cure in the most unlikeliest of places, in the most unusual of manners. Here is the story of drugs, demons and deliverance... "Demons fire men's brains with lust for drugs, drinks and delinquencies." - T.B. Joshua --- Share Your Testimony - https://i.emmanuel.tv/add-testimony/ Become An Emmanuel TV Partner - https://emmanuel.tv/partnership/info Join The Global Translation Project - https://www.scoan.org/translations/