Se7en(GoongS)- Can I love you MV- engsubbed version


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phew! my first time subbing(I mean SUBBING FOR REAL! TAKE ACTION!) anything, and it was rather hard than hard! REally, many probs came up,it took a several hours to fix this, lol.. can´t believe I did this instead of studying! I didn´t translate this(and btw, I don´t remember where found these translations. So I kinda rewrote them..), just subbed it, BUT REMEMBER IT´S MY FIRST TIME SUBBING, maybe the timing sucks hell, I dunno but my intuition says that the timing is totally wrong in the chorus.. but don´t be too hard on me and please bear with it! sorry! but LOL, just had to put somthing random and funny, it´s at 02:11.. ^_~ mainreason why I did this MV is that these goong-couple-love relationsship is more like "CAN I love you(like: "Do I´ve the right to love?!")" than "I wanna love you".. well as far as I´ve watched it´s like that... SONG CREDITS GOES TO: mimin1109 ^_^ P.S Without her and this song this MV wouldn´t have a meaning, would it?!