Smack Addresses Battlers Demanding Huge Paychecks


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Description - In this clip from their exclusive interview with VladTV, Smack and DNA spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the high demands for big paychecks that battlers often make. While Smack acknowledged that he does believe everyone "deserves the amount they request," he also explained why agreeing to pay out hefty financial loads can be difficult at times. Smack stated that "it's all a numbers game," and therefore higher payments can only be issued to certain battlers if "it makes sense." He and the URL staff must always assess the recoup value that a particular battler can bring them, before they can agree to sign off on paying that individual such a large sum of money. DNA cosigned Smack's explanation for why certain battlers are either paid or denied larger checks due to the fanbase that they'll attract at each event.