Dantes & Switters (Lunatics Factory project) - Blockbastards |LYRIC VIDEO|


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Check the full album here: https://phonographicsociety.bandcamp.com/album/lunatics-factory and on Spotify The Lunatic duo with the new album is on Spotify bitches! https://open.spotify.com/album/5qZo610lpyi3jkAtmKBBQ7 Phonographic Society Records Follow us and stay tuned: http://www.phonographic-society.com https://www.facebook.com/Phonographicsociety https://www.youtube.com/user/PhonographicSociety https://twitter.com/Phonographic_S https://soundcloud.com/phonographic-socie Dantes & Switters are: Giorgos Grammozis: Compositions and vocals Thanos Liberopoulos Production and lyrics Produced @ Strawberry Street Studio by Thanos Liberopoulos Mixed by Giannis Pasakalidis Artwork and logo: "The Bastart" Lyric Video production: Thanos Liberopoulos and Sweet Spot Creative Team ---Blockbastards lyrics--- The scene us ready and rolling, let's get it champion. I need emotion to feel. --Maybe I should go and blow him Background will be so romantic, a peacefull valley, but now you got the blue screen. --Before we sign he gets no ass You got to cry me a tear, to see some sadness. Thank you, I'll make you a call. --What? You damn motherfucker. Don't give a crap what you should do, you fucking walkon, think that your grandma is gonne. --Oh, I will miss you granny Give me drugs and give me booze, I can't afford this role to lose. I will cry, laugh and love it, I will bark you if you want it. Need a sphere and need a statue, on the carpet I will fuck you. Paparazi and tabloid, public pricks the chicks enjoy. Some fuckibng years fron now, when i'll be older, when i'll be ugly and fat. --Like, a shadow of myself The people will say, remember, he's looking like, that fool untalented star. --he was so highly overrated Maybe I'll writte some book, that none will buy, go to a reallity show. --Tonight with Mr Nobody TV will say about a loss, of some great artist, and i will be dead alone. --The prick didn't left me nothing.