Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen Hen OP - "Two Souls -toward the truth-" 【Guitar Cover】|| jparecki95

Jonathan Parecki

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Owari no Seraph: Battle in Nagoya's opening meets guitar! ●Support me on Patreon for free downloads and more! ► http://j.mp/jpareckiPatreon ●Facebook ► http://j.mp/jpareckiFacebook ●Twitter ► http://j.mp/jpareckiTwitter ●Subscribe ► http://j.mp/jpareckiSubscribe -------------------------------------------------------★----------------------------------­­--------------------- Oh man do I love me some FripSide! They always have some quality opening and ending songs. Particularly noteworthy are tracks they've done for anime such as the Railgun series and Black Bullet not too long ago! They have a nice mix of electronic and guitar elements that I find transition really well to guitar in general, and they also heavily employ one of my favorite chord progressions! This song in particular is incredibly laden with the IV V iii vi, one of the most popularly used chord progressions in modern anime music, in addition to Jpop by artists such as Eir Aoi in general. It's something I really enjoy hearing, and it never seems to get old for me despite the sheer number of times I've heard it used. Melodies placed on top of this chord progression spiced up with some 7ths and 9ths really seem to pop! Love it~ Special thanks to my master supporters on Patreon, as this video would not have been possible without your help: Lily Ki Qiming Wang -------------------------------------------------------★----------------------------------­­--------------------- Check out the rest of my music! http://j.mp/jpareckiVideos http://j.mp/jpareckiiTunes http://j.mp/jpareckiSpotify http://j.mp/jpareckiLoudr http://j.mp/jpareckiSoundCloud Stalk me! http://j.mp/jpareckiTumblr http://j.mp/jpareckiInstagram http://j.mp/jpareckiPersonalFB Business: [email protected] Arranged and Performed By: Jonathan Parecki