Mass funeral for bodies recovered from mass graves

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1. Wide shot of funeral preparations 2. Wide shot, coffins on ground 3. Pan across remains wrapped in sheets on the ground 4. Various shots of remains being loaded onto back on flatbed truck for funeral 5. Remains arranged on back of truck 6. Wide shot, remains in coffins 7. Coffins being carried 8. Mid shot, women wailing 9. Wide shot, front of funeral procession 10. Various shots of coffins being carried 11. Wide shot, two trucks carrying remains 12. Mid shot of coffins being carried in funeral procession 13. Wide shot, mosque with funeral procession walking past 13. Mid shot, coffins carried past 14. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Voxpop: "These bodies are of women and children and old women, they were all very poor people and they were innocents. Saddam and his people killed them." 15. Wide shot, coffins carried past mosque STORYLINE: In the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, Shia muslims on Monday held a mass funeral for bodies recovered from a nearby mass grave. The remains of around 200 bodies were wrapped in cloth and stacked onto the back of flat-deck trucks while other remains were laid in coffins. Thousands of mourners then began their funeral procession, passing by a mosque. The bodies were recovered over the last five days 10 kilometres (6 miles) outside of Najaf, situated on open ground. It is believed the bodies are of Shias killed following the 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein's government, and locals said women, children and the elderly were amongst those killed. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive: