Swimming in the Identity of The Superman, and Training | VLOG

Adam Evans

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Squats & Deadlift training from the weekend, along with a discussion on Swimming in the Identity of the Superman. I get into a philosophical and metaphysical analysis of how one can identify with physicality, and sense perception. Some other examples are given from Buddhism. This ties-in with Nietzsche's idea The Superman, and The Overman. This is also an example of the process of looking inwards, and psychological analysis of the self, or the Shadow (Carl Jung). See links below - or I may discuss more in later vlogs. Let me know your thoughts on socials! Hope you enjoy the vlog! Download Channel App https://goo.gl/udbFH3 [ Related Links ] NIETZSCHE ON: The Superman https://youtu.be/bxiKqA-u8y4 Psychology of The Shadow Projection | Carl Jung https://youtu.be/hnAYn6C211g [ Related Videos ] Deadlifts & Cardio | Post-Workout Athlete Shake Protein https://youtu.be/psc0f3GvvFE A Different Kind of UFC 217 Breakdown, and Nov 5th | VLOG https://youtu.be/wJ_FQ92fF2o Psychedelics, Spirituality and Meditation | VLOG https://youtu.be/eZ_ZmKzz2xE Tools for Meditation | How to Meditate for Beginners https://youtu.be/NieSi4irexM Incense for Relaxation, Meditation, and Chakra Incense Sticks https://youtu.be/My5NPIY1pIw Generating Organizing Destroying Energy | GOD & Love https://youtu.be/jKrgXUOz4CA Do TENS Units Help with Pain Relief? Why TENS? https://youtu.be/z34O_HxagIQ How to Deal with Depression and the Mythological Hero https://youtu.be/C3Fvg6olzOw Dealing with Death of a Pet, Best Friend, Loved One https://youtu.be/PCVWcDT82DY What is Vipassanā Meditation? Mind to One Pointedness https://youtu.be/PNyiVzvzg1g What is Dzogchen Meditation? Stillness, Spaciousness, Being https://youtu.be/g3wGk0LIhcA How to Control Emotions & The Art of Polarization https://youtu.be/Ef98yE2M17Y What is Karma Yoga? The Three Yogas of Every Day Life https://youtu.be/jBnPd6E1Lkg How to be Happy & Positive | Choosing Happiness https://youtu.be/IBojxPDnmfs How to Deal with Negativity and The Art of Visualization https://youtu.be/7JYbHLHcLr4 Benefits of Walking Barefoot | Grounding & Earthing https://youtu.be/xhbIoy7Iu5o Think Positively and Condition Your Concious Mind to Achieve Your Goals https://youtu.be/h8slZf6RtWM Health Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths - Heal the Body and Mind https://youtu.be/v5FDHgcKFVo [ Channel Socials ] Instagram: http://instagram.com/itsadamevans/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/itsadamevans Facebook: http://facebook.com/itsadamevans Website: http://www.adamevans.ca Google+: https://google.adamevans.ca Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/itsadamevans/ Tumblr: http://itsadamevans.tumblr.com/ Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adamnevans