[MMD Yandere Simulator] Ayando Compilation (Special for 100+ subs)

Ayanzara Sparks

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Hey Guys!!!! Wow!!! I...I um...I don't know what to say.... THANK YOU for 100+ SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's my 1st special 100+ sub video (Which the previous video had been replaced by this one) Thank You for Liking my Videos and Your Comments too And really...guys.....It mean a lot to me...I just...THANK YOU so MUCH I'm so very Happy and...Idk..Awesome? Hehehe I never think that I could made it until 100+ subs Idk what else to Thank You guys than post this video and the 2nd one Sorry...I'm Speechless now Um...please don't judge this MMD Compilation.. Cause this is my 1st MMD Compilation that I had ever upload it And..It's kinda of a tribute of the couple, Ayando And I Really1000 LOVE this couple It's From Yandere Simulator....Sorry if you don't know about it That Anime...really make me started the whole MMD thingy and Gave Me LIFE (LOL XD) I'm really sorry if there is a spelling mistake in this Vid.. And I notice that last time the Ayando shippers are going down.. But now (maybe) the Ayando shippers are raising up.. Since that Osana and Budo theory...I kinda feel like not to upload this video...but..I just can't help it...To be honest I'm a bit embarrass to upload it..Cause we all know that Ayando wouldn't be in the game...Furthermore We're all gonna see whose Budo's Crush is..I really Love this Ship cause it makes me Happy, Gave Me Live (LOL XD) and Determination...I would do anything for that Ship...I read in one Comment He or She said "It's just a Crack ship...It's just a joke ship, so don't hate on something that's a joke" My React was..."What in the World? Why do you want to say that?" (I won't explain any furthur cause this description is very long and I don't want to ruin any Ayaro shippers day) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Please...I DON'T OWN EVERTHING OKAY!!!!??????? I DON'T OWN THE MUSIC AND THOSE VIDEOS Models Ayano Aishi a.k.a Yandere Chan/Saki Miyu/Oka are by nyehnyehnyehmeow, YandereDev, TDA, Druelbozo Budo Masuta&Hayato Haruki are by Tithey/ Yandere Dev / TDA Ayano with the White Shirt and Ayano with the Red Dress and Budo with the Black Outfit are by LiliArt1 Budo with the Blue Jacket by Irisland4 The Blushing Ayano by 10Jmixp (I Need to Make Ayano blush Somehow) Casual Osana Najimi by Octopusfam Senpai a.k.a Taro Yamada by DrasiSw / TDA / YandereDev / Stylc / iRon0129 / HarukaSakuai / YM / FazbearArtBlog Yandere Kun a.k.a (umm..What's Ayano's Male version name??!!) by Cylops2000 Female Budo by Sofy-14 Motions Don't Judge Challenge by NinaThe_ Killer.250 Cuando ves a la persona que te gusta by EGB The Annoying Friend by Yukiiro Say Something by rinnylinny Tonight I'm....by Cylops2000 Flirting always Wins by mlaoa I Don't Like It! by (Sorry..Forgot....Again) Maps by TheSlientRiri (RiRiLeBuNNi) When He looks at Me by (Again..I'm Soo Sorry) When ur Bae sings During ur Game by Tastea Dead Hearts by Kana Kurori/Rinnylinny WOO TANG by R a C Spell Me by (Sorry..I Forgot) Brigin' Sexy Back by HetaliaAustria99 Kiss on the Cheek by Ximena1234 Stages Bedroom by shootingstarblue Classroom by Yonnijusa423 Rooftop by saler1 Tell Your World stage by HarukaSakurai Another Bedroom by saler1 Ayano's Bedroom by I See You Town stage by Amiamy111 ???????????_ver1.00 by Ginjishi? I guess.. Gym Stage by saler1&asdfnilxm ????????? by (Forgot) Living Room stage by saler1 Simple Bedroom by ??? YanSim Courtyard by I See You (Please tell me who are the creators that I didn't fill in at the comments bellow..Thanks and Sorry) Songs: Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth Make Me (Cry) [Marshmello Remix] and Hailee Steinfeld& Grey feat Zedd Starving (The ones that are not part of the MMD vines) And also... A BIG THANK YOUs to those Model, Motion, Accessory, Base, Pose and Effect creators for letting us use your creation I know...I Just want to say it...That's all..Let me know if I miss anything here I do Salute to the Ayando shippers but I also Salute to the Ayaro shippers too..Because that ship comes from the game...I Hope that Yandere Dev would make Budo has a crush on Ayano and Ayano might have a selection on wheter to choose Taro (Senpai) or Budo but I highly Doubt that YandereDev will... Anyways..Good Luck Creating the Game YandereDev!! Oops!! I guess That's all I need to say now...Sorry if..you think this is a freaking long boring description... Bye!!