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PLEASE SHARE IN 5G GROUPS WORLWIDE: Do you understand what's going on? Censorship on Facebook, this is not new, but the following happened yesterday Shay Dan On is an activist from Israel who fights very much against mobile radio and especially the spread of 5 G, which is just starting. He recorded a video, with warning to the population, report on the dangers of the new technology and called for the fight against the spread of 5 G in Israel. Shay also asked to donate money so that you can really take legal steps, (Health of the population, etc..) because the mobile industry has its own lawyers and enough money to destroy us all with their lack of information and rebellion Suppress. This also seems to be in the sense of governments, whether in Israel or Germany or anywhere else. Anything that is not in accordance with the rules may delete Facebook, so in any case an agreement with Israel. His you tube video has been deleted, another request from him to upload it again failed. His video already had 40.000 visitors in the first hours, That's why you got attentive. Let's see if my post stays here or will be deleted right away I hope everyone gets what's going on. Around the spread of 5 G there is a lot of false information, especially one that ' 5 G is completely harmless " PLEASE SUPPORT MY WORK IN ISRAEL - SAVING THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL: https://www.patreon.com/shaidanon