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We have another Patreon Request, this time from Lyndell Williams, asking for an album review of Boogie Down Productions, Edutainment. Welcome to The "Classic" Quest podcast episode 93. HSR and Your Lady Friend Bonnie are here with our thoughts and can't wait to see what you have to say in the comments. 02:44 General chit chat about Boogie Down Productions (and KRS ONE) 07:50 Exhibit A 13:51 Blackman In Effect 22:48 Ya Know The Rules 29:16 Exhibit B (Ft. Kwame Ture) 33:06 Beef 40:17 House N----s 46:59 Exhibit C 48:01 Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love) 53:23 100 Guns 57:07 Ya Strugglin' (Ft. Kwame Toure) 01:06:44 Breath Control II 01:12:32 Exhibit D 01:14:48 Edutainment 01:20:09 The Homeless 01:25:18 Exhibit E 01:27:42 The Kenny Parker Show 01:32:11 Original Lyrics (Ft. Special K) 01:35:11 The Racist 01:41:46 7 Dee Jays 01:48:01 30 Cops or More 01:53:25 Exhibit F - Edutainment album review grade reveal Check out Boogie Down Productions - Edutainment on Spotify and do your own review: Join the request pool on Patreon: Check out HSR's music: Join the Behind That Suit Discord Server: Comment below and feel free to keep in touch: FB: @BehindThatSuit HSR: FB: Twitter/IG: @HSR514 Musical Endeavours: Your Lady Friend Bonnie: Twitter: @ylfbonnie #BehindThatSuitReviews #BoogieDownProductions #Edutainment