4th Quarter - Free Throws - Krs One


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The Teacha KRS One dropping knowledge on the little known fact that astrology is tied to the New Testament. The world is full of those who blindly believe what they choose to believe and there is an inability to see the truth because so many lies have been told. If we truly live in the information age why are so many sleepwalking through life. Some people need something to believe in some need hope but that need for hope is superseded by knowledge of self. For thousands of years religion was used as a means of control. Religion has it's place in society but the division it causes is a valid truth that can no longer be ignored neither can the wars that are fought to satisfy it 's blood lust or the arrogance that you are right and everybody else is wrong, religion needs to clean up it's house because while it claims to speak for God an apple tree doesn't grow oranges "Practice What You Preach"