Louis C.K. "Chewed Up" DVD Interview

Daniel Wright

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This video is a special feature on Louis C.K.'s second one-hour comedy special "Chewed Up" from 2008. SCENE SELECTION: "Why did you shoot your special in Boston?" (0:19) "Talk about the evolution of this special. Where did you get the title 'Chewed Up?'" (2:36) "Is this a continuation of Shameless or autobiographical?" (5:56) "Where and when did you write most of the material?" (6:30) "What was it like editing the DVD yourself? Talk about the editing process." (9:29) "Talk about the concept of the minimalist set." (10:50) "Tell us about your decision not to do a clean version. How does it feel to be asked to self-censor your material?" (15:14) "We feel there is a real honesty about what you do. Can you elaborate on that? Do those decisions relate to your philosophy on stand-up comedy?" (16:10) "Are your parents also funny?" (18:33) "Was there any definitive moment when you chose to pursue a career in comedy?" (20:04) "Tell us a couple of stories about your first few gigs." (24:41) "Tell us the story about playing in the trailer park lounge." (26:57) "Do you have any funny stories about being heckled?" (28:56) "Talk about boxing. How did you get into it? Is it a metaphor for comedy?" (29:41) Special thanks to the producers and George Carlin (33:27) Louie: "I have a feeling that everything I've just said is just a horrible, unbroken string of embarrassing thought-regurgitation and that I'll someday regret it bitterly." and a message to comedians. (35:34)