New Moon in Fabulous Leo Meditation | New Beginnings in True Love and MORE! XO

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What a FABULOUS NEW MOON WE HAVE!!! POUR YOUR ENERGY INTO YOUR VISION OF * TRUE LOVE * CREATIVE TALENT * CHILDREN * ROMANCE * SELF - ADORATION & MORE!!! $19 eCourses launched August 2, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goto for YOUR FUL ACCESS!! Dear Love, We invite you to view your Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendant, and Cusp Signs as Spiritual Guidance from Necole speaks to your Soul ~ and that is every part of the Beautiful You! XO Love, Necole | Certified Coach | Generational Spirit Guide FOR PRIVATE SPIRITUALLY GUIDED SESSIONS | SPIRITUAL ASSERTIVENESS COACHING SESSIONS | RELATIONSHIP LIFE COACHING SESSIONS