"Happy Dance" by MercyMe - Christian Dance Fitness Routine - ZUMBA - PraiseFIT - FIT Force 3

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Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for future Christian dance fitness workouts! "You got the shaking right, but the fear won't do! We always say that we have unspeakable joy, so let our feet do all the talking when our words fall short!! We've got reason to get up, reason to get down. He done traded our shame for joy, and now that joy wants to come out....HAPPY DANCE!!!" This song definitely makes me want to do the happy dance because I have been set FREE by my Jesus! He has set me free from self-hatred, self destructive thoughts-attitudes-behaviors like eating disorders, alcoholism, smoking, and more, and has made me a brand NEW creation!! How could I not want to dance and rejoice in Him?!?!? Do the Happy Dance with me if you have been set FREE by the King and let your feet and your heart do all the praising!!! Song choreographed by and for PraiseFIT Ministries.