Sony Vegas Tutorial} Pitch-Shifting, Female To Male} EFFECT #9


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Hello, its Brianna / here. Sorry for the delay of videos, hopefully we have 7 more coming. So we've lost a member & we are proberly going to loose more, so if any of you want to join just comment / message imystarlight, :D thanks x ; & I hope you like this, i made it on Vegas 10 :D Its really cool, i recommend it :) So, yeah, this is sometimes helpful, because sometimes i got on peoples channels, & they just make female to male videos, so i thought this would be nice if you want to make videos like that using sony vegas} if any advanced vidders are subscribed to this channel & they want advanced tutorials please ask :) we'll make them for you with a happy face :D LOL, & thanks for 28 subscribers, maybe we could have 30 sometime soon? thanks x3 ok, bye please subscribe , cmmnt . & add[: x