Reviewing The 8-Bit Bastards

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The NES was an absolutely iconic era for gaming, and one of the most experimental phases in gaming history. This was the era where developers started to slowly ditch the ideas of the arcade era as they learned how to make games dedicated solely to home experiences. It was a bumpy road, and one left-over from the arcade era during the time was the absurd level of difficulty that arcade games presented. I've selected 6 games that are notorious for their difficulty and reviewed them all, as a sort of snapshot of what the era was like. If you would like to watch individual reviews, there are time codes available below - Castlevania - 01:12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -15:24 Contra - 25:14 Ninja Gaiden - 36:50 Ghosts and Goblins - 1:03:09 Battletoads - 1:07:14 and as always, thanks for watching!