ATS American Truck Sim - Real Trucker Drives Flagstaff to Ontario

RealTrucker Marcus

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Thrustmaster TX & Custom Wheel with SLIPro TH8 Shifter & SKRS Truck Shifter Knob Saitek Farming Control Panel Android Phone running SimDashboard My first live stream on this channel, I had to pause the vid mid stream a couple of times sorry, just fast forward through it. If you like what you see and would like to see more then please give this a like and subscribe. The intent of this channel is to share my love of ATS and ETS etc, trying to drive it properly like I would drive my real truck - occasionally we have to work around some issues caused by it not being real life, naturally :) I also intend to make some tutorials for new real drivers and share some of my 20yr experience in real world trucking, I will be using these games and footage from onboard a real truck combined to share with you some of the tricks of the trade I have picked up over the years.