Last Time~ Roc Royal love story ep 3

Angel Louis

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your pov yn- * in head* that bitch! kayla- mmmm that feels good roc yn- i was this close to slapping that bitch when Princeton stop me prince- let it go yn- roc lets go for a walk roc- ight yn- what the hell was that? roc- what are yu talking about? yn- you were rubbing all over that skank roc- wat was i suppose to do? yn- gee i don't know how about a no? roc- i didn't want 2 be rude yn- well she better watch out before i cut her in 2 roc- *pulls yu in close* you are so crazy yn- *giggle* crazy for you kayla- hey guys wait up princeton pov prince- did yu see that prod- yup rayray- hope he doesn't fall for it again princeton- ur telling me prod- yo prince is that alexis talking to some guy princeton- wat ? * storms over there* alexis- oh hey princeton princeton- hey whos this? alexis- jason jason- nice to meet you alexis - gotta go jason- ight holla at yu later princeton- holla at yu later? alexis- just forget about it Roc POV roc- hey kayla kayla- wat yu guys doing over here? yn- nothing now -_- roc- we were just talkin yn- yu know wat i getting pretty tired lets just get back * everybody back at the house* You POV * you and roc are cuddling in his room* yn- kayla obviously likes you roc- no she doesn't yn- roc yes she does and quite frankly i don't want her around roc- i can't just ask her to leave yn- ur right i can roc- just relax she be gone in a couple of days yn- mmhmm roc- * kissing on ur next* yn-* moan* stop it roc- *kisses you* yn- * kisses back* roc- *starts to take off ur clothes* yn- *you do the same* roc- are you sure? yn- yes * i can't descibe( spell check) this part unless you guys want me 2* * falls asleep together* Roc POV get text meet me in my room sexy- kayla * gets up from bed* kayla- yu came roc- wat do yu want? kayla- kisses roc roc- kisses bac kayla - i knew you couldn't resist me please comment or like the video if you like it btw thank you to all susbcribers!