Oliver! Live- Oom-Pah-Pah

The King's Academy, WPB, FL

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To see more of "Oliver!," go to https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzvdeRjhZpVnFrqOJIKzeAPgCP2F8cyDN ! The King's Academy, a National Blue Ribbon, Christian school in South Florida, recently presented "Oliver!" on its main stage in the new Page Family Center for Performing Arts. Starring TKA sixth grader Michael O'Leary (Oliver), Jimmy Award nominee Casey Butler (Artful Dodger), senior Graham Popadic (Fagin), senior Justus Elliott (Bill Sikes), and senior Gracie O'Connor (Nancy), this performance showcased TKA’s fine young talent. TKA’s Conservatory of the Arts, a two-time American High School Theatre Festival award-winning fine arts program, is led by Mr. David Snyder (Artistic Director, Musical Theater, Department Chair), Mrs. Sonia Santiago (Vocal Arts), Mrs. Cathy Higgins (Dance- Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz), Miss Riselle Portuondo (Dance- Ballet and Modern), Miss Sarah Fahey (Theatre Arts), Mr. Brad Majzner (Stagecraft), Mr. David Skinner (Instrumental Director), Mr. Wes Lowe (Assistant Band Director), Mr. Patrick Clifford (Strings), Mrs. Macey Norton (Video/Digital Arts), Mrs. Laura McFaden (Visual Art), Miss Stephanie Revell (Elementary Choir, Woodwinds), and Mrs. Robin Phillips (Piano). More information about The King's Academy is available at http://www.TKA.net and http://www.TKAFineArts.net. Copyright, The King's Academy, Inc., 2018. All rights reserved.