Our Love is Forever Ch 2


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Ch 2 (Demi) Now that I was with my family, best friend, and Nick, I felt like I had a complete birthday gift. Nick is my husband, we married a couple months ago, 4 months to be exact. I haven't been happier. We dated when we were both 20. He was the one who was there for me through all my rough times, after my breakdown in 2010, he was the only one I turned to. Of course I had my friends, but he was the only one who talked to me even when I said I didn't want to. I fell in love with him and married him two years later. My career and personal life have been the best they've ever been, and all because I'm happy. My thoughts were interrupted by Miley, "Sooo..." "What did you do?" I knew she was up to something. "I thought since it's your birthday and all, we should celebrate it big!" "No, No, No" I knew what she was up to, "No party, Miley. I just got home and I want some peace and quiet" She pouts, "You're no fun, it wont be tonight. You have two days to rest and on Saturday, we will party. I took care of all the planning. Please?!!??" I can't say no to her, "Fineeee" I tell her, " but not too over the top" "You wont regret this, now I have to go change a couple things, since you don't want this over the top." With that she hugged me again and left. I let out a breath, I know her and I know her parties are always big. I just want to spend time with my family and Nick, at peace. "Hey Babe, did Miley leave?" Nick says as he sits next to me. "Yea. She's throwing me a birthday party Saturday" He laughs, "I know, she told me. I told her you wouldn't like it but she didn't listen" "Well at least it's on Saturday, we have a couple days to relax", I cuddle up to him more. "I missed you baby. I know we talked everyday, but it wasn't the same" "I know. But at least you're done with your tour and so am I, so we have time to just focus on us" He replied I smiled at the thought, "That sounds good to me" I was about to kiss him when my mom came in the room, "Ok Dem, your birthday dinner is ready" The rest of the evening couldn't get any more perfect. I had the best dinner with my parents, sisters, and Nick. They defiantly know how to treat me. The night ended with a small birthday cake, and then Nick and I headed to our home. I'm always surrounded with lots of people, but sometimes I just want to be with my family and share special moments like this. After more 'Happy Birthdays', Nick and I headed to our home. Once we got there, we checked our answering machine. There were a lot of birthday wishes from our friends. The last message was from my mother-in-law, Denise, she wished me a happy birthday and begged us to visit her in Texas. Things with the Jonas family were never the same since I started dating Nick, the only one who treated me the same was Nick's mom and little brother, Frankie. As for the rest of the family, they didn't like the fact that I also dated Joe once upon a time. At first they thought that was a bitchy move, moving from one brother to the next, but they don't understand how much I love Nick. Kevin and his wife Danielle live in New Jersey so we don't see them much, but things aren't too awkward. As for Joe, we are never in the same place for too long, he was a big reason for my meltdown in 2010 so we never got our friendship back. We're friendly towards each other but that's it. Nick's dad is another story, he thinks I'm trouble for Nick from the beginning, so many things were said about me in the media that he didn't know what to believe anymore. Nick doesn't like putting me in awkward situations with his family so we don't visit much, but I do miss his mom and I know he misses his family. "We should go" I tell him, "I know you miss them and I really want to see your mom" He sighs, I can tell he's thinking about it. I'm glad y'all want me to continue with this story:) I have a lot in store for this one so don't get too comfortable:) What do you think about Nemi's relationship with the Jonas's? Should they visit? What do you think? Comment please p.s. does anyone know who to make intros?