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Follow on Twitter - Free Download - Follow Boydy - Lyrics : so you want to hear the words of a wise man details of how my life played out would i still be a wise man when the sun goes down its gin that i drown i walk the park looking for linkin so cold also numb but im one step closer to a newday dawn of the sun fell change on the horizon still fighting heart of a lion and it hink to myself is my compass broke will i ever find ZION im hungry im starving workrate so wild like tarzan wanna know about my life in a concrete jungle boi im surviving im ray mears im bear gryls i got them survival skills seen friends killed, others locked up walked that road and anno that its messed up switched lanes switched paths dont know me just ask dbc dead beat celebrity broadcast this shit like the bbc for free no nominal fee i get paid when their following me and get them butterflies when they come up like you DomiBoi and quote my lyrics to me i dropped the wake up then they woke chip on your shoulder fill it up I dont show hate i show love please growup Sqaure one looking for ladders but i come across 2face snakes i asked god to protect me from enemies and i seen the true colour of mates i let bygone be bygones i dont hate as they st and they look on watch me clash of the titans i bet they regret when i rip that belt from orion Your end coincides with the mayans 2012 and i feel strong 5years from now il still be here on top feeling this strong boydy beat banging headphones one feeling so faded when im up in the zone so how wise is a wise man as wise as you fuckin let him be son you can go and read quotes out all day but it wont make doubts go away i let you know i found the way since im so generous no need to pay so come a little closer primal fear heres my secret domibois different to dominic