The End of the Beginning - God is an Astronaut


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God Is An Astronaut was formed by brothers Niels and Torsten in 2002. Hailing from Glen of the Downs, Ireland the band released their debut album "The End of the Beginning" on their own label Revive Records in march 2003. Their video for "The End of the Beginning" received plays on MTV U.K.'s 120 minute show and their second video for "From Dust to the Beyond" which has a heavy Anti war-theme received plays on MTV UK and most European MTV networks. "All is Violent, All is Bright" is God Is An Astronaut's second album. The video for their single "Fragile" taken from the album got plays on MTV2's 120 Minute show and MTV's "The Comedown". This album trademarks their intense build ups from serene ambience to searing intensity. Torsten and Niels who are joined by new drummer Lloyd Hanney who was trained by the late jazz drumming legend Johnny Wadham, makes this album a closer representation of their live sound. They are considered by many to be the most intense live act to emerge from Ireland in recent times due to their controversial live audio/visual shows. God is an Astronaut return with a new E.P. "A Moment of Stillness" scheduled for release on January 27th 2006.