mistakes of a woman in love with other men


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Mistakes nov 14 2011 Call  me the loner A sad pitiful stoner Til this Tuesday in October met this girl named arizonia  Astonishing creature made the rest look tired Required  and her beauty I admired Treated like a king wrote poems for me and all ADidnt try to get the panties Gotta crawl before you walk She was somethin else I knew that this was a test Would be mad heartbroken if she gave up the sex Much respect I knew she wasnt over her ex Passed the blunt seen her send I love you baby in a text  Oh brother  Why do I discover  My baby ariZonia Fallin For her ex lover  Broke hearted again it offend and I pretend Mistakes of a woman in love with other men  Well Played the whole thing off like the story was a fantasy  Cause she  like I'm comin over later baby love you Anthony Gettin caught up in the moment once Again And again  Couldn't manage if she slept with other men  Valentines day never thought nothin of it But tried less selfish and went all out because it Supposed to meet me at her sister crib Around 7 Hear she come Rollin up like somethin til 11 Come here let me smell you I wanted to say to hell you  Hi honey sorry I'm late but let me tell you Perfect timing for her fuckin call on the phone It's her girlfriend  I they talkin in code Had this feelin before I should of learned my lesson Could you go to da store  for me their open 24 7 Again it offend and I pretend mistakes if a woman N love with other men Strike 1 strike 2 345  Playin like a fool still dealin wit her jive Smile but it hurts badly on the inside Wanna move on but its hard to get her outta my mind I deserve honesty i'm treated like a duck Playin like I didn't know she  Lettin niggas fuck Singin the temptations  like its my imagination  Is this a gift or a curse that I'm usin all my patience  She said yes without confessing  Smooth Caught her 1 week later cheating with   Another dude Broke hearted again it offend and I pretend  Mistakes of a woman in love with other men