How to use a sewing machine + Sewing Tips! (Easy for Beginners)


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READ! little mistake in video, turn the hand wheel towards you not forward TURN YOUR ANNOTATIONS ON :) all the basics you need to know on how to use a sewing machine! :) I've been sewing since 2008 when i was 15 years old :) i will try my very best to answer your questions :) Timeline 1:15 Parts of machine 1:47 Threading the machine (bobbin facing you) 5:33 Ready to sew 5:58 Locking Stitches(reverse) 6:34 Zigzag stitching 6:50 Tips and tricks 8:53 Why does my needle keep braking? 9:26 Needle Size Chart 9:46 How to change the presser foot 10:16 How to change the needle 12:30 How to change the bobbin (laying flat) Sewing Machines Used in this Video Singer Tradition 2250 Singer 4166 My Skirt with Elastic Tutorial My Facebook Page My Instagram