Shubir Nandi on the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary of Rehana Ashequr Rahman on 8 March 2019

Rehana Ashequr Rahman

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A great shock and tragedy, Shubir Nandi a great legend in the world of music is no more. Shubir Nandi wandered in the music world with his exceptional quality and excellence . It is all the more shocking that we lost two great artist Shahnaz Rahmatullah and Shubir Nandi one after another in a short span of time. It will be almost impossible to fill the vacuum left by them. On this sad occasion I recollect that on the 8th of March’19 during our50th Wedding Anniversary, Shahnaz and Shubir Da both came and enthralled the total audience with their unparalleled melodious songs and won everybody’s heart.It was probably the last live performance in public of Shahnaz and Shubir Nandi too, except his performance in Ganabhaban on 26 March’19, our Independence Day Both of them were dear and near to me. I will continue to miss their joyous company for a long time to come. I pray for them to the Almighty for eternal peace. Wednesday, 7 May, 2019 Video Created by Md. Najmul Hossain [email protected] 01715856141